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I’ll be playing a full band set at The Gibraltar Music Festival on the 5th September! Get your tickets here!

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I’ve been working on recording my new EP! The majority of recording is happening in my little home studio which is a corner of my living room in my flat in London. In order to keep the peace with my neighbours, the drums have however been recorded in a studio. I’ve got two amazing musicians on board to record the drums and bass which I’ll tell you more about in the exclusive updates you’ll receive if you decide to pre-order the EP right here!

I really want you all to be a part of this project and have teamed up with PledgeMusic to give you full and exclusive access to the EP’s development, and a chance to hear it before anyone else. Just like with my Couch Surf Tour where I collaborated with lots of you who hosted my shows in your living rooms, I want to continue collaborating with you and new supporters of what I do to be part of the whole project.

Your pledges for this EP will go directly towards its manufacture, distribution and promotion which will help achieve the ultimate goal which is to share it with more and more people. Be a part of the adventure and help me make this release a reality by pre-ordering your copy today along with limited edition merchandise, artwork, house concerts and more!

Here’s how it works – you can pledge for any of the exclusive items listed, I’ve chosen a mix of things I think you’ll enjoy. If you pledge for anything more than the digital download, you’ll also still get the digital download of the EP delivered to your inbox when its ready! You can also share what’s going on with the project with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Best of all, 5% of money you pledge will be donated to Cancer Research UK, a charity that is close to my heart.

I really appreciate all your support! Thank you!

Guy x



Director – Tim Willrich (Limbo Pictures)
DOP – Heath McWaters
Producer – Andy Ward
1st – Andrei Croitor