Charity Beach Gigathon – HUGE Thank You!

18/09/2013 — 1 Comment

I’m sorry I’ve not got round to updating about this until now! The last couple of weeks have been super busy and with the Gibraltar Music Festival performance and the prep for that, I’ve not managed to sit down in front of the computer and write a proper update! It has however been a really fun couple of weeks!

Anyways, the main news here is that the CST charity gigathon raised over £3k for Cancer Research! A massive thank you to everyone who donated at the beaches and online, the support has been truly overwhelming. It wouldn’t have been possible without the team of volunteers that helped out in the run up to, and on the day of the event as well as the Royal Gibraltar Police who made sure the officers on duty at the beaches helped us get the van in to position safely at each location. Some officers even helped blow up the balloons! Also, a thank you to the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation and Gibraltar Chronicle as well as other local press and media for plugging the event and PRS for Music for supporting the event.


We did it all in 6.5 hours with my vocal chords making it through in one piece. 🙂 This was 30mins over the target but due to not being able to get the van down to Sandy Bay (1st location) as the hill was very steep and with the grip on the road being worn, we had to walk all of the gear down to the beach. Also, manoeuvring the van in to position at Camp Bay (5th location) took some time but it was a bonus, as we managed to get right amongst the beach goers. We smashed the fundraising target (£1,500) by more than double! So many locals came to the beaches prepped for our arrival calling members of the collection team over to their beach umbrellas to give a donation. One of the kiosks at Eastern Beach donated £100! Even after the event, I had people stopping me in the street writing out cheques to Cancer Research UK!

The audiovisual master that is Colin Pons followed us around all day with a camera and a number of Go-Pros stuck on the van and on the back of his moped. He’s edited together an amazing 4min piece of the event (above) so check it out! James Culatto also joined us on route  taking all the photos of the event. Below is a slideshow of some of the shots he took. You should all follow his blog if you are not already by clicking on his name! Big thanks to Colin and James for taking the time to do this as well as Ben Lynch for hosting each session! You can listen to Ben host the breakfast show on Radio Gibraltar every weekday morning. Thanks to technology, I do from London 🙂

So, I hope you enjoy the photos and the video and all that’s left to say is a massive THANK YOU once again for the support!!

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